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Ursula's Story: A Future Filled with Possibility

"That's all anyone ever needs—to be given a chance."

Ursula knows this firsthand.

Growing up in a family unjustly burdened by the trauma of surviving residential schools, she witnessed violence and addiction. As a young adult, she slipped in and out of substance use for decades—seeking to numb the pain. She felt forgotten, and she thought no employer would ever give her a chance.

Challenges were stacking up. With four children, one grandchild and an aging mother, she is the critical income earner in her family. She knew she needed help getting back into the workforce, but felt lost.

"I could work but I didn't know how to go out there by myself and find a job. I didn't have the confidence."

"Now, I do."

In August 2021, things began to change. After graduating from a local addiction recovery program, Ursula found hope at Mission Possible as she looked to find a safe, meaningful place to work. She joined our Employment Readiness Program—Mission Possible's transformational program that helps people get back into the workforce and achieve their goals.

From skills training and on-the-job work experience to interview prep and referrals, we've supported nearly 1,000 people on their journey towards meaningful work. When they leave Mission Possible, they have regained their confidence and are armed with everything they need to succeed in the workforce, and transform their lives.

"When I look at myself in the mirror today, I know I'm doing the work. That makes me proud. I'm still a bit in shock of how far I've come with Mission Possible and I'm not limiting myself—I'm going to keep going for it. I'm going to stay inspired."

Today, Ursula's life is on a whole different track.

This Christmas, she will celebrate 18 months of sobriety and will have reliable work income for the first time in years. Ursula is proud to be a part of the team at BC Place welcoming visitors from around the world to sporting events, concerts and more!

All because you helped to give her a chance.

Over the past year, demand for our program has skyrocketed. More people than ever before are needing the help and support we offer to get back into the workforce in meaningful ways.

Barriers to getting back in the workforce are significant for the people we serve. For those with a history of homelessness, trauma, mental health challenges or substance use—getting back into the workforce after years of being shut out from work, can be next to impossible without help.

That's why we exist: to transform lives by empowering people to find meaningful employment.

After 30 years of doing this work, our waitlist has never been so long. Too many people like Ursula are still locked out of all of the opportunities a job provides.

With the generous support of our Mission Possible community this Christmas, we can connect more people to meaningful work than ever before.

When you give today, you will empower people to transform their lives and secure a better future for their families.

Your gift of just $25 today can help someone like Ursula take the first step back to work.

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