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Your donations help propel people forward as they transform their lives.

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Monthly Giving


Help transform lives in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by providing a path toward renewed hope, dignity and purpose.

Your monthly support provides crucial ongoing resources to people unfairly shut out of meaningful work.



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You can change lives with your monthly donation!

As a Momentum Partner, you join a community of committed monthly donors determined to help provide supportive, transitional employment opportunities for those ready to enter the workforce. You'll support people as they break through barriers, secure jobs and support themselves moving forward.

Whether you contribute $5 a month or $500, everything matters. For example, $38 puts one associate through educational workshops for a month, while $500 covers the costs of training, uniforms, equipment, coaching, and hard-earned paycheques for a month.


The Perks


Momentum Partners receive monthly updates outlining the impact you are making in the lives of MP’s associates. Your special access includes:

Meet Shawna

Shawna is a perfect example of how a life changes through Mission Possible! Discover her story of renewal and hope.


Mission Possible relies entirely on support from people like you to continue our meaningful and transformative work. Thank you for joining our monthly giving club and becoming a Momentum Partner.

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Hire an MP Graduate

Provide Employment Opportunities


MP graduates demonstrate commitment, reliability, dedication, and attention to detail. They also understand the value of perseverance and community-focused work, possessing unique skills that have helped them overcome difficult obstacles.

Upon completing their commitment to Mission Possible, graduates thrive further in new employment opportunities with other organizations. Continuous support - for both graduates and partnering organizations - from MP supervisors and coaches is available as individuals transition into new opportunities.

To learn more about hiring an MP graduate, please contact hire@mission-possible.ca.

Untapped Talent


Hiring an MP associate supports someone looking for work, but also benefits your business!

This ‘Business to Business’ guide offers inclusive workforce best practices distilled from decades of experience and expertise.

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Make a Difference


Fill out this form to volunteer with Mission Possible! In doing so, you'll receive updates from our team when opportunities are available. You may contact us to remove your name from our list at any time.

Some areas that may need volunteer support are:

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Transitional Employment


Mission Possible offers an Employment Readiness Program that can lead to transitional jobs through our social enterprises, MP Maintenance and MP Neighbours. We also provide potential work opportunities through other employers in Vancouver.

Please note: Transitional positions in the Employment Readiness Program are lower-barrier. They are intended for individuals who require a more supportive environment due to barriers to employment.

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Permanent Employment


Mission Possible is a wonderful place to work, and we are on the lookout for great people to join our team.
Currently, we have openings for supervisors in our social enterprise, MP Maintenance, and office positions.

Please note: These permanent positions are higher barrier. They are intended for individuals who require a less supportive environment. To access supportive and lower-barrier employment, we suggest looking into our transitional Employment Readiness Program.

Open Positions


Tenacity. EmpowermentCompassion. Humility. Supportive.
These are Mission Possible’s core values, and we’re looking for someone who holds these values to join our incredible team.

Permanent, Full-time
Permanent, Full-time
If you feel you're a good fit for this role, please send along your cover letter and resume to jobs@mission-possible.ca. We will be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis until we find the right fit, so we encourage you to get your application in as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest!

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