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Community Table Raises Funds for MP

Delta Vancouver Suites partnered with Poplar Grove Winery to hold their Second Annual Community Table: Tastes of BC Fundraising Event on Friday April 25th, 2014. Proceeds from the event went to the Downtown Eastside... Read More

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Port Metro Van - Good Corporate Citizens

Congratulations to Port Metro Vancouver for being awarded the 2014 Rix Center Award for Engaged Corporate Citizenship. The reward is given in recognition of the company's commitment to building healthy, vibrant... Read More

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Stations of the Cross

Every year on Good Friday our community gathers to carry the cross of Christ along the streets of the DTES. This year the Vigil begins with prayer and drumming on the Hastings steps of First United Church. Please... Read More

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Non-Profits essential in the DTES

By Rich ColemanMinister Responsible for Housing April 4, 2014 VANCOUVER – As the Province helps the Portland Hotel Society to restructure, I feel it is important to remind British Columbians that close to 50 other... Read More

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Midland Tarp and Canopy

Photo: Store owner Ken McAllister doing the Euro Bungee! Thanks to Ken and his wonderful staff at Midland Tarp and Canopy for hosting a fundraising event for Mission Possible last Saturday, April 6th. Midland is... Read More