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BC Business + Mission Possible

Vancouver-based Mission Possible offers a new, hopeful outlook for the city’s most vulnerable. Now, they need your help.

Chris Middleton is no stranger to hardship. Coming from a home challenged by substance use and transitioning into foster care, he lacked stability throughout his early years. His journey through substance abuse, crime, and a disability was a challenging, non-linear path that eventually led him to Mission Possible, where he gained a renewed sense of purpose and received the support he needed to create a new, healthy path.

Mission Possible runs an Employment Readiness Program for people who face barriers to employment. Participants are typically Downtown Eastside residents affected by poverty, mental illness, or substance use, and who have experienced homelessness and/or other significant challenges.

The Employment Readiness Program begins with a three-day Employment Readiness Workshop where participants learn about a variety of soft skills to prepare them for a return to the workforce. Attendees who are interested and suitable for the program complete a job interview to officially enter the program and to work at one of Mission Possible’s two social enterprises—MP Maintenance, a full-service exterior property maintenance company, or MP Neighbours, a community watch service.

“Successful applicants are offered a six-month paid transitional work experience, which includes on-the-job training in a supportive work environment,” says Chief Empowerment Officer, Matthew Smedley. “Every employee receives regular coaching from a certified coach to help them work through their barriers, set goals, and make plans for their next step on their journey to a sustainable livelihood.” 

Click here to read the full story in BC Business by Jessica Kirby from July 28, 2021.


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