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Long Life Windows & Doors: Gala 2022 Gold Partner

As a family-owned and operated business with products manufactured right here in British Columbia, Long Life Windows & Doors champions their surrounding communities. With decades of experience, skilled workmanship, and a long-standing reputation for exceptional service, they are known for their reliability and honesty. It comes as no surprise that since they opened in 1989, they have found a way to combine their appreciation for their customers and their support of the organizations around them. 

Long Life Windows & Doors donates a portion of their profits on behalf of their clients every year. Serving as a thank you and a way to give back, Long Life supports the community that has helped make them the company that they are. Their founder, Pat, shares “People using their talents to help other people is a great way to give back to the community,” and Casey, one of their gala guests, expands, “When you give back to your community, you are able to improve the lives of those around you while making your society stronger and more resilient.”

As you can see, giving back is one of Long Life’s core values, and they have supported Mission Possible for the past nine years. We were so thankful to have them as a Gold Partner at the 2022 Mission Possible Gala! We asked some Long Life employees what their favourite part of the gala was, and they unanimously agreed that hearing stories from graduated associates was the best. Katie, their Sales & Marketing Manager, shared, “Really understanding someone’s experience from start to finish and us being able to cheer for them and make them feel appreciated seems to help just as much as the money that we donate.” Hearing the stories of our Momentum Award Winners was uplifting, inspiring and provided them a chance to see the impact of their support. 

Over the years, Long Life has valued sharing Mission Possible’s story with their customers and explaining the amazing work that MP does. They regularly receive great feedback about MP’s programs, and they know that the work they are investing in is making a real difference. We are so appreciative of the continued and incredible support that Long Life has given to Mission Possible over the years! Their support and partnership helps make our mission possible!

Long Life Windows & Doors uses high-end products with lifetime warranties, and will cover all your replacement window and door needs every time. By using local, energy efficient products, they lower their environmental impact as well. They are also BC’s first window & door Living Wage employer which shows their dedication to their employees as well.

If you would like to join Long Life Windows & Doors in partnering with Mission Possible, please reach out to development@mission-possible.ca. You can also visit our "Get Involved" page for other ways that you can provide support.

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