The Importance of People-Centred Language


In every communication, conversation, and context, your words matter.

Get free access to our Ebook, The Importance of People-Centered Language, and learn best practices for using inclusive language in the workplace and beyond. 

Plus, discover how to use respectful words to help individuals you interact with feel motivated, valued and supported, just as they are, and how to spread the practice of inclusive language within your community and organization.

Enjoy this Ebook for free as a gift from Mission Possible.

I’m an asset. I didn’t think for a long time that I was an asset. I think that’s the most rewarding thing I got from Mission Possible. They taught me how to understand that I am worthy. It’s all about keeping people’s dignity intact.

Mission Possible transforms lives through meaningful work. We empower people typically excluded from the traditional workforce—like those facing homelessness, poverty, and other barriers to employment—by paving a pathway to long-term jobs and lasting change. Through our spectrum of supports, including two social enterprises in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Mission Possible connects people to community, builds capacity, and creates jobs that change lives. For more than 30 years, our practice of ‘Empowerment through Opportunity’ has propelled thousands of people forward as they step into a renewed sense of hope, confidence and purpose.

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We’re making this Ebook available for free so that people like you can experience the benefits of using people-centred language.

After receiving your free Ebook, you will have the opportunity to donate to Mission Possible to ensure our programs and resources continue to be available for those who need them.

Download this free Ebook and discover how to:

  • adjust your language for diversity and a truly inclusive culture.
  • treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • communicate and utilize words that create an environment where everyone feels included and welcome.

Our passion is helping individuals reclaim hope, dignity and purpose. We are solidly grounded in the belief that the resilience and strength of our community are stronger than the obstacles threatening to hold people back.

You know how sometimes, when you start working, you feel like you’re the lowest person on the totem pole? I never felt that here [at Mission Possible]. I felt like I was an equal right off the get-go.

There is no credit card required and no catch. We just want you to receive the benefits of using inclusive and people-centred language to enhance your communication with everyone you encounter.

Evidence suggests that the use of person-centred language has positive impacts on health outcomes and recovery. So, when you choose person-centred language, you support each individual's pursuit of their personal goals!

I’ve never worked for a company that has a culture like it is here. Everyone is so engaging and everyone is always [checking in] because they care.
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