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People we serve face overwhelming obstacles on their path to meaningful work. 

For those with a history of homelessness, trauma, mental health challenges or substance use — getting back into the workforce after years of being shut out can be next to impossible without help.

We transform lives by empowering people to find meaningful employment.

With your generous support this holiday season, we can connect more people to meaningful work than ever before. Your gift will empower people in reclaiming dignity and purpose as they secure a brighter future for themselves and their families.


“When I came to Mission Possible, I had just finished addiction recovery. I knew I was capable of working, but didn’t have a shred of confidence to pursue a job on my own. But at Mission Possible, I immediately felt comfortable. Every step of the way the team has made me feel so good about myself—every day they're helping me to secure my future.”

Ursula, Mission Possible Graduate


How Your Gift Transforms Lives

Every time you give to Mission Possible, you’re providing someone in our community with the skills, practical training, one-on-one coaching, and support they need to step boldly back into the workforce and into a future filled with possibility.

$85 gets an associate into a brand new Mission Possible uniform. Clean, warm and dry, these uniforms provide dignity and protection while associates gain valuable work experience with Mission Possible in the community.

 $250 launches an associate through our flagship Employment Readiness Workshop.

$500 champions an associate at Mission Possible for a full month – this covers all their workshops, coaching, work gear, lunches and more.

Everyone pursuing a fresh start needs an ecosystem of support to help them succeed. Our monthly donor community of Momentum Partners provide long-term, consistent support and encouragement to our associates and graduates as they step back into the workforce and into a future filled with possibility.
For just $21 a month, you can champion an associate to complete our flagship Employment Readiness Workshop – their first big step on an exciting new journey.

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