Women's Track FAQ

What is the Women’s Track Employment Readiness Program? 

The Women’s Track is an emerging project to create a safe space for women and non-binary people to engage in our Employment Readiness Program. This program was developed to eliminate barriers, and empower women and gender-diverse folks in usually male-dominated spaces. 

How is it different from the co-ed track?

All steps in this track are facilitated by women staff and supervisors. The participants will have an opportunity to engage in unique programming designed to address gender-based barriers to employment and create a stronger sense of community for women and non-binary people in our program.

Can I still join the co-ed track? 

Yes, the co-ed track is open for all genders. You will only be put into the Women’s Track program if you identify that in your intake form. 

If you decide to switch from one stream to another to better suit your needs, the changes can be made once you check in with your coach or program coordinator. 

How can I get started? 

Information sessions for the Women’s Track Program happen every Wednesday at 1pm. Feel free to call our office at 604-253-4469 to register!