Are you ready to start working?

Do you want to work, but are you not sure how to start or what steps to take? We are here to help you! We offer pre-employment training, one-on-one coaching and support to help you achieve your goals. Get involved with our Employment Readiness Program (ERP) by following these steps:

  • First, sign up for an Information Session. This will be the first step of getting involved and will only take about 30-40 minutes. During this session at our office, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how we can support you on your journey towards steady employment and and the transitional work we have to offer. If you are interested, we’ll ask you to fill in a form. After, we can sign you up for the next workshop.
  • Our Employment Readiness Workshop series (3 consecutive mornings) is a launching point into the program and you will learn to enhance valuable skills that will be applicable to any job!
  • When you have finished the workshop, we connect you with one of our coaches to refer you for an interview.
  • After the interview, we will set up an orientation. This orientation will be your first workday, so it’s paid! This is the starting point of your 6 months of paid work experience with MP. You will be scheduled for shifts every week for 6 months.
  • While working with us, you receive one-on-one coaching on a bi-weekly basis with your coach to work on your goals and steps to employment after the 6-month contract.

We run two tracks of the ERP:

Co-ed Track

  • This track is for all genders. Facilitators, participants, and supervisors of all genders participate in this track. 

Women’s Track

  • The women’s track version of the Employment Readiness Program is a track for all self-identified women. All steps in this track are facilitated by female Mission Possible staff and supervisors.

Info Session Co-ed: Every Thursday at 1 pm

Info Session Women’s Track: Every Wednesday at 1 pm

Service providers: If you would like to request an information session onsite, please email and we’re happy to look into possibilities!

The Work

When you’re part of our Employment Readiness Program, you have the opportunity to gain work experience for 6 months with the Mission Possible’s Clean Team. Our Clean Team works morning and afternoon shifts, 6 days a week. The teams go out in various neighborhoods in Vancouver for exterior cleaning; mostly litter and needle pick-up.

What you’ll learn and gain:

  • Team & independent work skills
  • Social skills & time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Organization
  • Increased confidence
  • Ability to explore different areas in Vancouver


“Keeping the neighbourhoods clean brings me pride. I get a lot of compliments from people, they say thank you and they smile when they see us around. It makes you feel good” 

“To me it’s a miracle that MP helped me. I believe in myself again. I have motivation in myself again. MP taught to me to value myself again and be a better person” 

“Overall, I just want to get up every day and go to work and do something where I feel like I am making a difference in my city and if I can help someone along the way, that would be icing on the cake”