Employment Readiness Program

Helping navigate a journey to sustainable livelihoods




Are you ready to start working?

You can do it!  We can help.  Here is a brief look at the opportunity:


Every new participant goes through an info session with a coach to learn the full scope of the Employment Readiness Program and what Mission Possible offers.

Join activity: 

  • Info Session
  • Personal Inventory


After a program agreement is signed, trainees enter a 3-day workshop focused on employment readiness and personal well-being. As a self-directed job search begins, MP invites trainees to meet with one of our trained employment coaches who can then offer a referral to an interview in our social enteprises.

Train activities: 

  • Soft-skills Workshops
  • One-on-one coaching


Many trainees are hired directly by Mission Possible through one of our social enterprises. This is a 6-month transitional opportunity that provides a paid context for mastering the soft-skills necessary to move back in to permanent work. 

Transition activities:

  • Competitive job
  • Social enterprise
  • Micro job


MP’s ultimate goal is to see participants realize the dignity and purpose of finding and maintaining competitive employment beyond their 6-month transitional opportunity in our social enterprises. MP continues supporting individuals as they transition into their new job through goal setting, continued coaching, and a newly found community of friends who celebrate the success.

Sustain activities:

  • Transitional opportunity
  • Continued Employment Coaching

Info sessions are held every Thursday at 9:00am and 10:30am at 659 East Hastings St.  For more information please drop by or call 604-253-4469.