Employment Readiness Program

Training and Supportive Transitional Employment


We are here to help people who want to start working. Here is a brief look at our program:

Please note: There is the option to complete this program in a co-ed or a women's only environment.

The first step for every new participant is attending one of the information sessions to hear about the full scope of the Employment Readiness Program, what Mission Possible offers, and to determine if our program is a good fit for them. If so, participants will fill in the program form and can be signed up for the next available workshop.
This step involves a state of readiness to commit to this process and moving forward and ‘getting ready’ is the first move towards gaining experience and employment.

The training part involves attending all days of the workshop, which focuses on soft skills, employment readiness, and knowledge about personal well-being. Following the workshops, a one-on-one referral coaching session will be held to determine all needed elements to be in place to be referred in to our MP Enterprises.

The first step of gaining experience, starts with the practice of an interview with MP Enterprise. When hired, the participant can start a 6-month transitional employment opportunity with the Clean Team. This provides them a paid work experience opportunity to learn mastering the soft-skills necessary for moving into other opportunities, identified in the self-directed job search. Every participant receives regular one-on-one coaching to support with all goals and the steps towards finding other employment elsewhere.

Transition (& Sustain)
MP’s ultimate visionary goal is to see participants build a sustainable livelihood through finding and maintaining employment beyond their 6-month transitional opportunity, outside of Mission Possible (or within if available). Coaching plays a prominent role in the process of personal development, reflection and reaching goals, as well as support in all steps needed to accomplish finding a job.
As they transition, MP continues supporting individuals through goal setting, continued coaching, and a newfound community who celebrates their success.

The first step:

Information sessions are held every Wednesday at 1 pm (self-identified women only) or Thursday at 1 pm (all genders) at 648 East Hastings St. Spots are limited so please call or email the office to reserve a spot!

For more information please click here, drop by, or call 604-253-4469.