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By Jane Deacon, 24 hrs Vancouver

Less than the cost of a cup of coffee, a dollar doesn’t buy you a lot.

Vancouver-based startup Mealshare counters that $1 can fill a hungry belly.

It’s partnered with over 150 Canadian restaurants to solicit $1 donations for every designated “Mealshare” menu item sold. The funds raised support local and international meal programs for those in need.

The one-for-one concept – diners buy a meal for themselves and help feed someone else – was designed to make donating to charitable initiatives simple, said co-founder Derek Juno.

“We thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to apply this one-for-one concept for food,” he said. “There’s 8 million people that dine out every single day in Canada. If we got 1 or 2% of these people giving a meal when they just go out and eat, that would have a huge impact.”