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"Do companies have a responsibility to provide employment for the disenfranchised? Matthew Smedley says, “Yes, they do and doing so is good business!” He goes on to say, “Society, not the economy, is the real marketplace. And smart companies realize that looking after people – all people, including those who have been marginalized – builds better societies and stronger economies.”

Smedley also says, “People who are currently outside of the workforce are there for a host of reasons that include seen and unseen diversabilities. Many are eager to work and they represent an untapped talent pool.” Reemployment for many after extended absences from the rigors of work, he acknowledges, is challenging.

Mission Possible is a community based organization that, since 1992, has been providing people who have been unemployed with the skills needed to regain employment. The other side of the equation are employers who frequently are reluctant to create opportunities for people who need flexible work environments. Mission Possible is there for them as well.

We invited Matthew Smedley to join us for a Conversation That Matters about why hiring people with challenging lives benefits them, the companies they work for, and the community."

Thanks to Stuart McNish, Conversations That Matter and the Oh Boy Productions team!


Matthew Smedley - Mission Possible from Conversations That Matter on Vimeo.