Mission Possible knows that employment opportunities can provide life-changing results as we witness this in our Employment Readiness Program and social enterprises everyday. Stable employment not only provides financial security, but it can also have a strong social and emotional impact as it connects individuals to organizations and communities.

Mission Possible graduates have completed a six month employment opportunity. During this time, participants work closely with their supervisors and coaches who support them in their journey towards a sustainable livelihood. Coaching sessions are crucial to the MP process as they provide support to all aspects of employment, and teach associates how to set goals and stay accountable to them.

MP graduates demonstrate commitment, reliability, dedication, and attention to detail. In addition, an important part of our program focuses on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and customer service. They understand the value of perseverance and community-focused work through their contract.

Upon completion of their commitment to Mission Possible, graduates are welcome to apply to internal opportunities within the organization when available. Graduates also seek opportunities with other organizations to further their skills and experience, and maintain a stable, secure, and safe livelihood. Continuous support - for both graduates and partnering organizations - from supervisors and coaches is available as individuals transition into new opportunities.

Not only does hiring an MP associate provide support for someone looking for work, but it also benefits your business! Learn more about inclusive hiring with the Untapped Talent: B2B Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention.

Testimonials from Partners:

“We have had numerous successful employees come through Mission Possible.” When reflecting on the benefit of employing an MP graduate, Smith explains, “It gives Regional Recycling a positive, hardworking employee that appreciates the job they do.” - Jason Smith, General Manager at Regional Recycling

“We like to contribute to the community to help make positive outcomes possible.” - Shirley Joe, Sunrise Soya Foods

Do you see an opportunity to enhance your organizational culture, develop your investment in the community, and join Mission Possible’s purpose of meaningful social impact?

To discuss opportunities and learn more about hiring an MP graduate, please contact hire@mission-possible.ca.