Give the Gift of Opportunity

Help support Mission Possible this holiday season!

This year has been like no other which has been incredibly challenging for our program participants, staff, and our Downtown Eastside Community at large. While we have received an amazing level of support from all over the Lower Mainland this year whether it was through monetary donations, an in-kind donation of personal protective equipment or prizes for our online gala auction, fundraising has been challenging.

As the year comes to a close, purchasing one or more of the following options will help us continue our crucial work next year. This is also a great opportunity to do some last minute holiday shopping for a gift that just keeps giving, or getting your final tax deductible donations in for the year!

High Visibility Safety Vests: $25 each

Safety gear is paramount to our MP associates and staff as they work hard cleaning neighbourhoods, and helping MP Maintenance clients throughout the Lower Mainland. Help keep them safe with a high-visibility safety vest, especially during the darker rainier months of the year! Click here to donate a vest.

MP Maintenance Basic Uniform Set for One New Associate: $85 each

Our MP uniforms are worn with pride. You can provide an associate with some key uniform components, which include: a toque, a cap, a cotton t-shirt, and sweatshirt, all branded with MP Maintenance to keep associates warm during the winter months. Click here to donate a uniform set.

MP Maintenance Rain Gear for One Associate: $120 each

Living in Vancouver, rain is expected all year round, but that doesn’t stop our MP associates and staff from going out and keeping our community safe, and clean! While we can’t completely protect them from the elements, you can help us keep them as dry as possible by donating a set of rain jackets and pants! Click here to donate rain gear. 

3-Day Employment Readiness Workshop: $250 each

Cover the costs of one 3-day Employment Readiness Workshop at Mission Possible. Due to the pandemic, we're limited to holding workshops of up to six people, just a fraction of the size of our previous workshops. To keep up with the demand, we've quadrupled the number of workshops we hold each month, but the costs have stayed the same. Please help us continue to support individuals who are ready to take the next step in their journey to a sustainable life. Click here to donate a workshop. 

Support an MP Associate for One Month: $500

MP associates work on six month contracts and with $500 you can help us cover the cost of an MP associate's journey in the Employment Readiness Program for a month! Your donation will go towards uniforms, safety gear, training, coaching, and partial wages for one month of their time at Mission Possible. Click here to support an MP Associate for a month.

Support One MP Associate’s Journey: $3,000

Cover the cost of one MP associate's entire six-months in the Employment Readiness Program. Your donation will go towards uniforms, safety gear, training, coaching, and partial wages for their time at Mission Possible. Payment can be arranged monthly or in a lump sum. Click here to support an MP Associate's journey.

Become an Impact Sponsor and Support Two MP Associate’s Journeys: $6,000

For $6,000 a year, you can be a hero to two individuals by covering the costs of their training, uniforms, equipment, bi-weekly coaching, and hard earned pay cheques. You will also receive quarterly progress reports tracking their goals and capacity building, as well as our immense gratitude. Payment can be arranged monthly or in a lump sum. Click here to support the journeys of two MP Associates.

Sponsor an MP Vehicle for 1 year: $10,000

MP Maintenance vehicles are crucial to the day-to-day operations of our social enterprise, which is the heart of our Employment Readiness Program. Our trucks and vans don't just transport teams, gear, and equipment from job to job throughout the Lower Mainland - they enable us to change lives every day through camaraderie, hard labour, and a supportive work environment. In recognition for your donation, we will proudly display your company's logo on the vehicle that you will help us purchase or lease. Click here to sponsor an MP Vehicle for 1 year.

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