Provide Empowering Opportunities

By becoming an Impact Sponsor, you will support two individuals on their Mission Possible journey. Through the Employment Readiness Program, MP associates gain essential skills for starting or getting back to work, helping them gain stability and a sustainable livelihood. As an Impact Sponsor, your contribution fully financially supports two associates during their six-month contract in our program. 

Support Someone From Start to Finish

The cost of an impact sponsorship, $6,000 per year or $500 per month, covers every cost associated with providing empowering opportunities for the associate in order to lower barriers and make their return to employment as accessible as possible.

Costs covered for associates:

  • Wage subsidy
  • Uniforms
  • All necessary equipment
  • Transportation to and from job sites
  • Ongoing, one-on-one coaching
  • Optional training in security licensing, first aid, and other courses

Receive Quarterly Reports

Every three months, you will receive a report recording your associate's successes and learning curves. Through these reports, you are able to see what steps are being taken to pursue empowerment, and how your donation facilitates those steps.

Who can Become an Impact Sponsor?

Anyone! Individuals, families, groups of friends and/or colleages, companies, and organizations can all become Impact Sponsors. Only one report will be generated per sponsorship, but groups are welcome to share the reports with their contributors, or we're also happy to send along your reports to multiple email addresses if you wish. Some companies like to print out a copy of their quarterly reports and post them in lunchrooms or shared spaces so their teams can follow the progress. 

What Associates Benefitting From Impact Sponsorships Say:

“To me it’s a miracle that Mission Possible helped me. I believe in myself again. I have motivation in myself again. MP taught to me to value myself again and be a better person” - Chris M, associate

Ready to change a life?

Contact our Development Team at or phone our team at 604-253-4469.