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We know that working works! We have had the privilege of witnessing this in the lives of hundreds of people over the past few years.  Something incredible happens when someone facing the challenges of poverty, disability, mental illness or life trauma starts working in the supportive Mission Possible environment.  They begin to feel differently.  They begin to think differently.  And the snowball of transformation begins to roll....
This month we said good-bye to James (name changed for article). Just prior to coming to work for Mission Possible, James was homeless, and had been sleeping on the streets for over five years. A group of local, caring people got to know James, earned his trust, and helped him find housing.  They eventually brought him to Mission Possible because they heard that we could help him get a job. 
James went through our employment readiness training and interviewed for a job in our property maintenance social enterprise.  He was hired and got to work, exercising his skills and abilities in a 6-month transitional work opportunity.

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He underwent an incredible transformation while at Mission Possible. His health improved by working, and eating better. He lost 70 pounds. His confidence and morale improved.  He was able to make the transition off of welfare and began providing for himself. James recently made the courageous decision to move to Ontario to support a family member who is ill.
James is just one of many examples of the transformation that takes place at Mission Possible. James became like family and we are going to miss him!