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Help Make It "The Best Christmas Ever!"

You can help make it "The Best Christmas Ever" for a member of the Mission Possible community by making a donation to Mission Possible today!

Your gift helps to provide a Mission Possible community member who is challenged by homelessness and poverty with purpose, training, support and the opportunity to earn a paycheque. For some specific programs that you may want to donate to, see the information below.

Christmas Gifts:

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Mission Possible is in need of some committed gift-givers. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in purchasing a meaningful $20 Christmas gift for a Mission Possible Community Member donate today. Thank you to all of the individuals who have donated to this item. Also thank you to Delta Vancouver Suites and  DP World for their corporate donations. Let's keep it going! To donate now - CLICK HERE

Vitamin Enriched Smoothies - $20

Help improve the nutrition for people suffering from chronic illnesses and diseases. For people living on the DTES it can be difficult to eat a good diet full of healthy fruits and vegetables. You can help! We are starting to provide vitamin enriched Smoothies for Mission Possible Community members. One vitamin enriched smoothie = $1.00. 20 smoothies = $20. To donate now - CLICK HERE

Fruits and Veggies Program - $50


Help improve the nutritional value of the meals provided by Mission Possible. Mission Possible has made arrangements with a local produce supplier to buy boxes of produce for $25. We would like to buy at least two boxes a week and are asking for $50 donations. To donate now - CLICK HERE

MP Maintenance Uniform - $100

At Mission Possible we want our trainees to look professional when they do maintenance work at your place of business. Help purchase a uniform for a new MP Maintenance trainee. To donate now - CLICK HERE

MP Leadership Training Program - $250

NEW PROGRAM: Help sponsor an aspiring Mission Possible Community Leader. One of the wonderful discoveries we have made here at Mission Possible is the the power of creating dignity whether it is through work, or volunteering. Some of our DTES community volunteers really "shine" and want a greater challenge. We are now going to provide training through the new MP Leadership Training Program to these volunteers so they can train and supervise others. To donate now - CLICK HERE

MP Job Training Program - $500


Provide pre-employment training for a new Mission Possible trainee. Before someone starts to work in one of Mission Possible's social enterprises, or receives a referal from us we like to provide them with some in-depth training on how to get a job and keep it! Along with our own in-house experts we bring in talented people from Vancouver area businesses and organizations to provide training to individuals who face some difficult barriers to finding steady employment. Again, you can help! To donate now - CLICK HERE

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

*Any money raised over and above what is needed for an individual item will be applied to the next area of greatest need.