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Before coming across Mission Possible, Rebekah had been out of work for quite some time. She stopped working in order to care for her daughter when she was diagnosed with cancer. She returned to work briefly when her daughter was in remission, but the cancer unfortunately “came back with a vengeance.” Tragically, her daughter passed away in 2017.

While grieving is a process and Rebekah continues to honour her daughter in different ways, being at home full-time with her son was not good for her well-being. She knew she had to get back into the workforce to better take care of herself and her family.

Rebekah connected with J Hockley, our MP Neighbours Coordinator, and he invited her to join Mission Possible to support her transition back into work. Rebekah stepped into the Employment Readiness program and began working on the Clean Team. She loved working alongside others on a similar journey back to work. She got along with everyone, and was excited to be a part of the team. Rebekah shares,

“It's nice to have the stability and the constant of going somewhere and being needed [outside] your home. I love my son to death, he's three. But it's nice to have a break ‘cause he's a rascal too! He's a very hyper and active boy, so it can be a little much sometimes.”

After completing six months with the Clean Team, Rebekah successfully applied and was hired in a lead position supporting the Clean Team twice a week, while also training to work with the MP Neighbours team. She found the work incredibly rewarding, recalling finding nearly 100 needles in a day and feeling good that she got them off the street. 

Being at Mission Possible has helped Rebekah develop her leadership skills. She’s also received encouragement from a fellow associate who shared that he was happy to be on the Clean Team because they worked so well together. Having the team appreciate her work and presence was a big boost to Rebekah’s spirit. It also helped her realize that she’s incredibly passionate about supporting the Downtown Eastside, and loves being in the community.

Rebekah found a real benefit from the coaching culture of Mission Possible. She not only set goals for herself, but she had a chance to update her resume and learn how to write cover letters. She enjoyed having space to bounce ideas off of her coach. Her supervisors also gave her room to vent and exchange advice, which is something she cherishes about working at MP.

Overall, working at MP has helped Rebekah believe in herself and increase her self esteem. She now knows that she’s capable of working again and that she’s good at it! It also gives her great satisfaction to be contributing to her family financially. Rebekah’s positive attitude and way of encouraging her colleagues and peers is inspiring. She made MP a better place. 

Rebekah continued her employment journey and recently began working full time at another organization in the neighbourhood. The team at MP is so proud of what she has achieved! 

Thank you so much for supporting Rebekah and many others just like her!

When she’s not working, Rebekah pursues her passion for photography through photo sessions with various clients and creating custom canvases. 20% of the proceeds from the photo shoots and canvases are donated to cancer research. If these services are something you’d be interested in learning more about, please contact Brianna at for more information.