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25 Years Ago...

25 years ago Mission Possible’s Founder, Liz Wall started handing out sandwiches to
people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Today, we are focused on helping individuals
enhance their lives through employment.


We currently have 28 people in our Employment Readiness Program, and expect to help at least 75 people move through the program this year. That is a 33% increase over last year. 


To celebrate Mission Possible’s 25th year, and the growing impact we are having, we would like to
invite you to participate in transforming a life by becoming a monthly donor. 

In the next 3 years...

With your help Mission Possible hopes to hire and train 250 people in the next 3 years transforming many lives and creating an enormous economic benefit to participants and the community.

We have something for you too!

For your gift we would like to provide you with a custom mug, or set of mugs...

To give today go to

Help us provide more opportunities to even more folks whose lives are waiting to be transformed.

*$38 per month for 12 months equals $456. The cost of the soft skills training portion of the Employment Readiness Training Program is approximately $450. Participant work experience and wages are extra.