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We've been hearing some great things from MP Maintenance customers lately about the quality of work we're doing - always nice to hear! Hope you don't mind, but we would like to share some of those comments with you.

Also, to our managers, supervisors and associates we just want say: "Keep up the great work!"

"I thought the job went very well. Thanks again and look forward to the team returning in early May."
Tracy Lineker - Barrick Technology Centre - Barrick Gold - 336 Alexander

"Thank you so much for all your efforts."
Julia Ruggier - The Door is Open - Catholic Charities - 255 Dunlevy

"Thank you for the good work."
Gary Bradbury- DTES Spring Project - Fortis BC

"Very nice job done.  Very good service from the guys.  Will recommend and
use again."
Pat Sumarlidson- Gastown Living- Incendio Pizza Building - 103 Columbia

"MP is special to us and we would like to work with your organization more."
Connie Goldman - Concert Properties - 1190 Hornby

"Your guys are great, very polite to the women.....and very understanding of
the dynamics of this building."
Shawna Baylis - Atira Women's Resource Society - Sorella House - 525 Abbott

"Thank You for your quick response to our request.  Please send our
appreciation to your associates for their dedication and efforts in keeping
Vancouver 'beautiful' and clean."
Gina Chor - Vancouver Buddhist Temple - 220 Jackson