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Michael is one of the original participants on the Mission Possible Clean Team.  The Clean Team cleans some of the dirtiest and most dangerous streets and alleyways in the City of Vancouver, and yet Michael often does his job with a smile.

How did you get involved with Mission Possible?

I came to the Power Breakfasts for a number of months on Saturdays. Then on a Saturday where there were not many volunteers, Jenny Hawkinson asked me to help and encouraged me to join Mission Possible's Gather and Go program. I volunteered for awhile and then Mission Possible started the Clean Team and I thought that was possibly something I could do.

What has been the impact of working with the Clean Team at Mission Possible?

Well, for one, it’s the first time that I’ve had a job for as long as 10 months. Also, I have been able to afford to live in the place I’m at, and gain some financial stability. My co-workers made it really fun. Co-workers like Christina, Loretta and Nick - they are great people!

Before working on the Clean Team, I was not aware of my capabilities. Working has made me more aware of what I am capable of. The job has pushed me physically and professionally to do things I did not think, or know I was able to do. Recently, I have been asked to teach others how to do the job, which I have never been asked to do before. It’s pretty exciting and a great opportunity. Plus, I was given employee of the month.

How has Mission Possible helped you in your employment journey?

I have a positive attitude towards work now. As I look toward the future, especially since I have begun meeting with Andy (one of Mission Possible’s employment Coaches), I no longer think that once I am finished at Mission Possible, that the possibility of working and using my capabilities is done.   

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