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Collecting and recycling cans and bottles provides much-needed income for many residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Regional Recycling recognizes their significant role in the community and consistently seeks out ways to give back to their faithful customers in an impactful way. 

Six years ago, Regional Recycling’s partnership with Mission Possible began with a green initiative to encourage electronics recycling in the community. As this relationship grew, and Mission Possible’s Employment Readiness Program evolved, Regional Recycling began to support Mission Possible through other avenues, including sponsorship of the annual Mission Possible Gala and hiring MP Maintenance to do power washing at the Regional Recycling facility.

Regional Recycling’s biggest impact, however, has been through their commitment to hiring graduates from Mission Possible’s Employment Readiness Program. Many who join have not worked in many years, and finding work with a new employer after graduation from MP’s program can be overwhelming. Regional Recycling has become a place of opportunity for Mission Possible graduates stepping out on their own into a supportive, understanding work environment.

When asked to describe the relationship between Regional Recycling and Mission Possible, Jason Smith, General Manager at Regional Recycling’s Vancouver location says, “We have had numerous successful employees come through Mission Possible.” When reflecting on the benefit an MP graduate brings to his company, he explains, “It gives Regional Recycling a positive, hardworking employee that appreciates the job they do.”  

Janet is one of those graduates. She recalls her first few weeks on the job at Regional Recycling: “It was a new challenge to overcome and required my strength and resilience to be in a new environment. The first few weeks were so hard and I cried. But I went home and refocused and leaned on what I had learned at Mission Possible and the confidence I had now to stay the course to where I am at today.”

In recognition of their support of Mission Possible, by providing financial support to our organization through donations, by being a regular client of our social enterprise, MP Maintenance, and also believing in our program model by hiring MP graduates, we presented Jason and some of his team members at Regional Recycling with the MP Impact Award at our 2018 Mission Possible Gala. 

Those working in our social enterprises at Mission Possible experience a new confidence and momentum in their lives, and they are motivated to succeed in new employment opportunities! We are so appreciative of partners like Regional Recycling who carry our work forward in the lives of our graduates and, in turn, are rewarded with excellent employees.

Mission Possible is always seeking opportunities to partner with companies and organizations who want to improve their community. To find out more about how you can help, please reach out to Jasmine Allen, Director of Partnerships, at