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Valentine's Day typically brings to mind images of roses, chocolates and romantic rendezvous. However, beyond the sentimentality of February 14, most of us know that love requires work. It is a challenging endeavor that is worthy of a long journey and great sacrifice. The best that love has to offer is inadequately defined by the brief feelings that Valentine's Day brings our way.

This year Mission Possible is celebrating a special version of the Valentine's Day dream. We are focusing on all the ways people serve and sacrifice for one another in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. 

Understandably from the outside looking in, most people see our community as a tragic place full of disability and delinquency. But when you walk these streets and befriend the people, you will find that a great light shines in the darkness. Love is possible - even in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. In fact it is alive and well in the lives many people like Bibi.

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Bibi became a Mission Possible member over two years ago. You will often see her working in our community centre on Powell Street. She is a bundle of love. She encourages everyone she meets. Her spirit of hope is infectious. Last month we were walking together from our Art Studio back to our office. It's only a block away, but it took us fifteen minutes to get there.We stopped over and over again as she encouraged and hugged people along the way.

Bibi has her own struggles with sadness and depression as she shares openly about. Yet her spirit is so beautiful. "Bibi," I said, "you are such a gift to this neighbourhood." "Oh no," she said, "I receive so much from others. I just want to give back."

This February we are sharing stories that highlight the truth that "Love Is Possible." It is possible even when we think it might not be. I hope you are as inspired by Bibi's story as I am. And I hope you will share the love with others you are journeying with.