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By Rod Janz

Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day in the month of February our thoughts turn to romantic love and all of the wonderful things that go with this special day like flowers, chocolates and cupid’s arrows.

This year Mission Possible is endeavoring to put a slight twist on the normal Valentine’s Day theme and emphasise the fact that even in the midst of incredible challenges, like homelessness and poverty, Love is Possible.


Mission Possible is a caring and generous community. At Mission Possible we see caring friendships being formed as people work alongside each other, create artwork, and serve as volunteers. Acceptance is essential for a healthy community and we are challenged to accept one another— warts and all— everyday.

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Matt and Bibi


We are blessed at Mission Possible with an innumerable number of people who love with a selfless love. When you spend time with Mission Possible you will witness all kinds of acts of kindness between community members, staff and volunteers.

Love that creates community extends way beyond the Downtown Eastside. We have people who visit us and volunteer from places all over the world like Japan, New England, Nipawin, Saskatchewan, and all over Metro Vancouver. People visit and share their love with the Mission Possible Community and we are sure that it is reciprocated and expressed through the member’s gratitude, presence, and appreciation.

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