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The impact of Mission Possible's innovative and entrepreneurial programming would not be nearly as great without the caring and committed partners who stand behind us. Through a range of partnership opportunities--contracting our social enterprises, hiring graduates of our program, or making financial contributions--our Impact Partners are directly investing in the lives of our participants. If you are reading this now, you are likely an Impact Partner yourself or considering becoming one. Thank you!

One of our great Impact Partners is BA Blacktop. They first learned of Mission Possible from another Impact Partner of Mission Possible. Their involvement then began in 2016 when they became Gold Level participants in our annual gala, along with their partners, Vancouver Pile Driving, McElhanney Engineering, Smith Brothers Wilson and COWI. They appreciated the opportunity for community participation and valued the unique way Mission Possible supports those facing poverty in the Downtown Eastside. 

After the Gala, BA Blacktop expanded their partnership by sponsoring and serving Mission Possible's Saturday Power Breakfasts every few months. For many in the Downtown Eastside, Power Breakfasts are the first experience they have with Mission Possible and become an entryway into the life-changing employment programs we offer. For over a year, BA Blacktop staff have come to Mission Possible to serve the Saturday breakfasts. BA Blacktop volunteers have personally witnessed the impact their support makes when sharing a meal with members of the Downtown Eastside community. 

BA Blacktop is a wonderful example of an Impact Partner--a person or company that supports Mission Possible to exponentially increase the difference we make in the lives of those in the Downtown Eastside. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming one, please contact us today!