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Picture: Violet ringing the Mission Possible job bell with Andy Smith

Like many in the Downtown Eastside, Violet wanted to work but couldn’t see a way to do so. She suffered from painful arthritis, and that closed the door on jobs she had previously been able to hold down. Violet relied on social assistance to make ends meet. It was only when she heard about Mission Possible that Violet began to see a way forward.

While taking a class, Violet met someone who worked as an associate at Mission Possible. He told her about the supportive work program and, though she “didn’t really know what she was getting into,” Violet interviewed and was hired to work for MP Maintenance’s Clean Team. She really enjoyed being part of a positive, successful work team and being outside. Best of all, Violet appreciated making the community a nicer place to live. “People really appreciated the work that the Clean Team was doing,” Violet remembers, “It made me glad to do something for the community.”

Eventually, Violet moved from the Clean Team to MP Neighbours, after Mission Possible helped her get her Basic Security License. For Violet, “this was a big step forward.” Mission Possible helped her to feel like she was no longer stuck, and was working towards better things and brighter future.  

Today, Violet is working part time with CMI Concierge as a Security Concierge and has helped another MP Associate get a job there too. Violet is moving towards a more sustainable livelihood for herself and her children.

“I know I can succeed now,”