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Heather is someone with a natural warmth and talent for genuine connection. However, when Mission Possible first met her, she was facing barriers that were inhibiting her ability to use these gifts. In her past, Heather struggled returning to work after being a stay at home mom, particularly when chronic pain in her back meant that doctors advised her to stop working lest she lose more mobility and have to use a wheelchair. This combined with personal struggles with her family caused her to turn to alcohol to cope with her growing depression. Heather struggled with her addiction for 10 years, but entered treatment and has been successful in her path to sobriety. 

When she heard about Mission Possible, Heather was excited to have found an avenue where she could return to work in a way that fit her specific needs. Working with her employment coach at Mission Possible, she was able to tackle personal challenges that threatened to prevent her ability to start her 6 month contract with Mission Possible. Once she settled in, it was obvious that her empathy and ability to connect with individuals made her well suited to join MP Neighbours. Within the Neighbours program, Heather successfully completed her Basic Security Training, and more importantly, gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of herself and her values. She highlighted coaching as especially valuable in her journey. She says,

“The coaching helps a lot. It helped me understand my own character, the goals I would like to set for myself, and how to communicate better. I felt like someone really cared. I have been able to accomplish more of my goals than I have ever been able to because the coaches hold you accountable and support you throughout.”

She has set goals of continuing to work in the Downtown Eastside after her time at Mission Possible, and is looking into finishing her schooling in First Nations theology in order to obtain her pastoral degree. Heather holds spirituality close to her heart and uses this connection to guide her through her struggles. Aside from the material outcomes that Heather has experienced from her time at Mission Possible, what is even more valuable is her change in her outlook on life. Heather’s greatest joy now is being part of a community where she can help others and see them smile, a reward that she is grateful to now experience everyday.

Heather’s eagerness to learn and engage with self improvement set her up to succeed in Mission Possible’s program, however she is just one example of how matching someone who is struggling with the right support and opportunities can open up a world of possibilities for them. Mission Possible is proud to walk alongside amazing individuals such as Heather as they access empowerment.


Heather's Mission Possible journey was financially supported by one of our generous contributors to our Impact Sponsorship program. It costs Mission Possible roughly $500 per month to cover the costs of training, uniforms, safety and working gear, bi-weekly coaching, and hard earned paycheques of our program participants. For $6,000 a year, you can be a hero to two individuals like Heather by becoming an Impact Sponsor. You will receive quarterly reports on the progress of the individuals that are receiving your support, tracking their goals and capacity building over their six-month term, as well as our immense gratitude. To become an Impact Sponsor, contact Jasmine Allen, Director of Partnerships, at