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Dear Friends, 

“We are all in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.”   

I recently heard this statement in reference to the pandemic, and it is true. Though we all are experiencing the grief, loss and disappointment of living through a global pandemic, some have more resources, connections and social supports than others. The reality is that we are not all experiencing the challenges to the same degree. 

This is even more evident for the most vulnerable in our city. Those experiencing poverty, homelessness, or other hardships have had significantly fewer supports to help weather the storm these past nine months. Many have felt completely overwhelmed and even desperate.   

Recognizing this has only led the Mission Possible team to deepen our resolve to support our community in ever-evolving and relevant ways. Despite the pandemic, more than 60 people have started employment with Mission Possible this year. Our meals and food pantry have expanded. We started our Women’s Track in our Employment Readiness Program. We moved into a new facility. All of this was with the intention of deepening our impact and creating even more opportunities for people to move toward a sustainable livelihood. 

Moving into 2021 holds hopes for the storm to subside, to be able to finally take off the masks, to hug all of our friends and loved ones, and to find a sense of normal once again. And, for Mission Possible, 2021 holds the opportunity for even more people to start their employment journey, to build their confidence and their capacity, and to achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose. Your support continues to make that a reality!  Please consider making a financial gift to sustain this work throughout the year to come. 

Together, we will continue to make a difference! May you experience a sense of peace this holiday season that lifts the weight of the pandemic, and may 2021 be filled with joy and love the whole year through. 


Rev. Matthew Smedley