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A message from Mission Possible's Executive Director, Matthew Smedley...

Hello Friends,

This year at Mission Possible we have been celebrating 25 years of impact in the Downtown
Eastside. And we have been celebrating in style! We hosted a 1920s-themed gala—which many of
you attended (you looked fabulous, by the way)! We also achieved some huge, impactful milestones:
training more people than we ever have in our Employment Readiness Program; nearly doubling the number of people who are being supported through employment coaching, and hiring more people than we ever have!


See below for Mission Possible gift ideas...


The dignity and purpose, inclusion and belonging experienced by those we work with is truly worth
celebrating. Loretta, a former participant who is now on staff, recently shared about her experience
saying, “The biggest thing that I have gained is once again having people believe in me. The folks at
Mission Possible believed in me. They let me know that I matter, that I make a difference.”

We are excited about the steadily increasing number of individuals we are training and employing.
And we are also encouraged by partners like you standing behind us. Whether it is volunteering to
serve a breakfast or giving financially, we are so grateful to all of you who support the work of
Mission Possible! If you ever think we’re overstating the truth, let me assure you—we could not do
what we do without your support.

With gratitude in our hearts and love for the people whom we serve, we at Mission Possible ask that
you continue to partner with us so that together, we can make a difference in the lives of those living
on the Downtown Eastside. And if you haven’t already, please consider making a Christmas or
year-end gift to Mission Possible. I witness daily the impact such giving can have on a life, both now
and for the years to come. It is an investment never to be regretted or missed.

A very merry Christmas to you and yours,

Matthew Smedley
Executive Director


This Christmas Give the Gift of Opportunity

At Mission Possible, we empower individuals challenged with poverty by providing transitional work opportunities that lead to lasting change. If you would like to support a Mission Possible participant, we have provided a few ideas below. Thank you for providing someone an opportunity!*

Christmas Gifts for ERP PARTICIPANTS

Purchase a meaningful gift for someone who is participating in the Mission Possible Employment Readiness Program (ERP).

$20 Gift


Help purchase an MP Uniform for MP SOCIAL ENTERPRISE participants

Purchase a uniform for a new Mission Possible social enterprise trainee.

$100 Gift


Supply an MP Meal and Coffee for the MP COMMUNITY

Sponsor a Saturday morning breakfast and coffee time for approximately 100 people.

$500 Gift


Cover the cost of MP Employment Training for participants in the EMPLOYMENT READINESS PROGRAM

Help cover the cost of training for an ERP participant (workshops, wages, and coaching) which is approximately $5000.

Choose your amount!



Become a Monthly Donor - We have something for you! For your monthly gift, we would like to provide you with a custom-made Mission Possible mug. Help us provide opportunities to for those challenged by poverty.

$38 per month

Donate Now Through!


*Any money raised over and above what is needed for an individual item will be applied to the next area of greatest need.