Rod Janz
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In Geof’s words before he came to Mission Possible “things were really up in the air.” He was unemployed and had fallen into drug addiction. Prior to coming to Mission Possible he was addicted to crack for seven years and was homeless for nearly the same period of time.    

In 2009 Geof suffered a heart attack and that's when he started to get clean. As he started to recover doors kept opening for him. Eventually, he started participating in Mission Possible employment training program.  

Geof  says, “it was good all the way through, although we banged heads a lot because of my own stubbornness and my past, but the people I worked with at Mission Possible were patient, compassionate, and it all worked out in the long run.”  

Geof is now working permanent part time with one of Mission Possible’s training partners, Securiguard.

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