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Loretta's Story

Prior to coming to Mission Possible, Loretta had been struggling to find employment.  As a very shy person, she lacked the confidence she needed to put her skills to use. One day as our MP Neighbours team was walking the streets of the Downtown Eastside, they shared with Loretta about the opportunities at Mission Possible.  Loretta liked the idea of working with the MP Clean Team and knew it would be a good way for her gain employment again.  It would also fulfill her desire to help clean up the city.  

Loretta identifies her shyness as one of her biggest barriers to finding employment, but as she began working  on the Clean Team, she  started to see herself grow in numerous ways. “It feels like a close-knit family”, is how she describes the Team.  The job has given her space to become more confident, learn to communicate well with the public, and feel good about the work she is doing that betters the city. Loretta now has the self-assurance that she will find permanent, full-time work outside of Mission Possible, ideally with a landscaping company.