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Beautiful British Columbia is stamped on nearly every license plate in our city.  When we awake with a clear view of the mountains it’s hard not to melt into the comfort of living amidst one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes.  It is no wonder people avert their head and turn their noses at the challenging sight of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. 

De-Humanizing Labels

All the way from Toronto, Margaret Wente, a Globe and Mail columnist, recently began an article about Mission Possible’s neighbourhood in this de-humanizing way, “With its multitudes of addicts, prostitutes, drifters and homeless people, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is Canada’s epicentre of human dysfunction – a magnet for the down-and-out.”

Now, I am the first to admit that the challenges faced by Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside citizens are difficult to reckon with, especially if you’ve never spent time walking the streets and getting to know the people face to face.  It’s scary and unknown to most. 

Resisting Labels

But at Mission Possible we resist placing Ms. Wente’s labels on our community members, friends, and employees. All human beings are worthy of the dignity and opportunity that comes when others choose to see the beauty that sometimes lays beneath the rough exterior and pain of challenging circumstance.  It doesn’t take long.  Spend a little time with us and your eyes will quickly draw focus to the sometimes hidden but emerging beauty in the life of the people we call by their own names. 

These beautiful people are discovering new potential through a transformational community, nutritional programs, the arts, work readiness courses, and transitional employment. 

The only way we can collectively wear the label “Beautiful British Columbia” is by generating opportunities that spark community, hope, purpose and dignity in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and anywhere else people are suffering.

We are so grateful for your investment in Mission Possible.  Together we will continue to make an impact.  Please consider making a springtime gift to generate a new opportunity today.

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Brian Postlewait
Executive Director
Mission Possible


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