Rod Janz
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Every day this week we are going to feature one of our hard working community members. 

“Relax – you are among friends.” This is what Trish Hollowczenko (in picture), an MP Maintenance supervisor, wants participants to know as they enter Mission Possible’s doors.  

Trish was looking for a landscaping job when she encountered a work environment she could really care about at Mission Possible. Her first impressions were that it was a place of comfort and ease.

Before joining MP Maintenance, Trish was an avid caretaker of trees. She planted, grew, sprayed, cut, and nurtured them. This deep, intentional level of devotion to the growth and success of trees is a characteristic she brings with her as a supervisor, and she’s excited for where her journey with Mission Possible leads.

No intreview with Trish would be complete without this recent quote: "What do I love most about working here? People. What do I dislike most about working here? Poop."