Mission Possible: Process

Mission Possible: Process

Harnessing the cooperative power of the Downtown Eastside

The Battle

Most struggling with homelessness and poverty in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are battling addictions, mental illness and major life trauma—often all three at the same time.


The Right Opportunity at the Right Time

When recovery and healing begins to emerge in their life Mission Possible moves in with a tangible opportunity. MP uses the motivation and desire for meaningful work as a catalyst for total life transformation. Over the past 5 years MP has employed nearly 120 people through our social enterprises. Indeed we have proven that given the right opportunity, in the right place, at the right time that people will make remarkable contributions to our community. Now we are building a continuum of support to provide opportunities to more people who are ready, willing, and able. All they need is a hand up.

The Need

12,000 people in Vancouver’s DTES live in poverty. The unemployment rate is over 75% amongst those living in social housing. 

"It is true, DTES is overly challenged, but it is equally under-challenged at the same time."


Every new participant goes through an orientation with an advisor who looks to understand their story and follows their progress on their journey.

"Most people will trade in dependency for an opportunity any day of the week."

Join activity: 

  • Orientation


After a program agreement is signed, trainees enter a 3-day workshop focused on employment readiness and personal well-being. As a self-directed job search begins,
MP invites trainees to Gather & Go (a set of daily pre-employment volunteer opportunities). Gather & Go helps participants get moving today, build confidence, and a rhythm of work.

"By helping others we often find help for ourselves."

Train activities: 


Many trainees are hired directly by Mission Possible through one of our social enterprises or in a micro-job targeted to fit their current aptitude. This is a 6-month transitional opportunity that provides a real-life paid context for mastering the soft-skills necessary for maintaining employment over the long haul. This is the place where confidence begins to soar. 

"A paycheque is a powerful platform for life change."

Transition activities:

  • Competitive job
  • Social enterprise
  • Micro job


MP’s ultimate goal is to see participants realize the dignity and purpose of finding and maintaining competitive employment beyond their 6-month transitional opportunity. MP continues supporting individuals as they transition into their new job through goal setting,
access to their advisor, and a newly found community of friends who celebrate the success.

"We work to make the world a better place."

Sustain activities:

  • Transitional opportunity
  • Advising (all stages)

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