How To Raise $5000 in an Hour

Getting Started

Last Friday night at 4:00 pm, Mission Possible supporters began to gather at the Lamplighter Public House in Gastown for Mission Possible’s Second Annual SmartPhone Raiser. From 4:00 pm to 4:45 pm, participants mingled and prepared for an hour of focused phone calling, texting and emailing their contacts. The funds raised will help Mission Possible continue to provide opportunities to people who are challenged by homelessness and poverty, as well as to  purchase a few items on the Mission Possible needs list.

 Last Year

Last year Brian Postlewait, Mission Possible’s CEO and Jenn Dagg, Mission Possible’s Manager of Development and Communications at the time (Jenn moved to Ottawa last winter) came up with the idea for a new twist on the old idea of a telethon.  In May 2012 they held their first SmartPhone Raiser at the Academic in Vancouver. During a SmartPhone Raiser participants simply bring their smart phones and call or text a few contacts to see if they will donate to Mission Possible in a fun, slightly competitive atmosphere. Prizes are given out throughout the evening to the people who call the most people and manage to raise the most funds.

This Year

This year at 4:45 pm the event co-sponsor, Deborah Kriger from Axis Impact Marketing was introduced and instructions were given on how the fundraising portion of the evening would go. At 5:00 pm fundraising, officially began and participants started calling, texting and emailing. During the hour of fundraising door prizes were awarded every 15 minutes from companies like West Coast Golf Group, JJ Bean, Delta Vancouver Suites Spencer’s Resto Lounge, Cocoa Nymph, and a Rendevous with Destiny book from event co-sponsor and author Jim Janz.

The Winners!

At 6:00 pm participants handed in their fundraising forms and the pledges were tallied. Mission Possible staff led the way. First place winner Matt Smedley, Mission Possibles MP Maintenance Manager, won two bottles of wine from Monster Vineyards. Jordan Berrner, also an MP staff member, and his wife Britney came in second and won a gift certificate for two from Delta Vancouver Suites Spencer’s Resto Lounge.


Throughout the weekend pledges kept coming in as the people who were contacted on Friday night continued to respond. The total raised through sponsorships, donations and pledges by Monday morning was over $5000.

Mission Possible would like to thank everyone who participated.

See you next year!