Become an MpVP

Raise awareness for MP and become an MpVP (Mission Possible Valuable Player / Partner) by getting MP connected in your social circles. Host an event, create a fundraiser, or come up with your own way to raise awareness for MP! 

Event Description: We would like to target our third party events to raise awareness and introduce more people to Mission Possible. If you would like to take on the fundraising aspect, we will work with you and help however we can.

Event Suggestions:

-Afternoon Tea 
-Wine & Cheese Party
-Games Night (video & or board games)
-Movie Night
-Sports Tournament 
-Pamper / Spa Night
-Ice Cream Social
-Jeans Day (Pay $5.00 to wear jeans to work)
-Bottle Drive (with school, work, friends, family)
-Loose Change (put jars out at retail locations)
-Jail & Bail (arrest somebody and hold them captive until they raise enough $$ for bail)
-Or create your own! This is your chance to get creative, include your interests, gather people from your network, and host a fundraising event that is specific to your hobbies/interests.

Mission Possible will provide any of the following:

-Access to MP Videos to share (each between 1-5 minutes)
-Marketing Materials
-Recent Newsletters
-Brochures about MP & how to get involved
-Donation Cards
-Representative of Mission Possible to come and help with event


PENNY DRIVE: our goal is to raise 1 MILLION PENNIES! Check out more information on how you can give your pennies one last chance to do something meaningful here.

Campaigns are another creative way to fundraise and they can reach people in a large capacity.

Choose from the following options or create your own:

  • Change Drive
  • Clothing Drive / Sock Drive
  • On-foot marketing campaign to drive up business contacts for MP Maintenance

Call the Mission Possible office for more information ~ 604-253-4469

Funraising Examples...

Mission Possible has been fortunate to have several successful third party fundraisers in 2013. Joanne Perschbacher (pictured above) and her team at Delta Vancouver Suites held a Community Table event on May 3rd and raised $5500. For more see: http://mp.churchos.ca/news/community-table.

Other Third Party Events:

  • Macaron Day! - IN THE NEWS: Straight.com article - "Vancouver pastry chefs give back on Macaron Day 2013" READ MORE: http://ow.ly/jtjku
  • April 2013 - Reuben Jones simply got a few friends together for a curling tournament and raised a substantial amout of money fro Mission Possible.
  • The fine folks at The Tapestry in Richmond held a "Concert for Change" and donated the proceeds to Mission Possible.

Thanks everyone!