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MP Gala Silent Auction Items

Thank you to everyone who donated an auction item to the Mission Possible Gala: Opportunity is Possible. As you can see from the list below there is a great variety of wonderful things to bid on. See November 14th! 1. Coffee - Donated by JJ Bean 2. Painting - donated by artist, Brian Buhler 3. Canucks Tickets (2)... Read More

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BBB Torch Awards 2013

Keynote Mission Possible's CEO, Brian Postlewait recently had the opportunity to deliver the Keynote at the Better Business Bureau's Torch Awards. From all reports it was an "engaging" and "inspiring" presentation. The awards handed out are listed below.  BBB Torch Awards* Marketplace Excellence Award... Read More

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Momentum Awards 2013

By Alyse Kotyk Holding a small model plane up in front of a captive audience, Glenn Oerzen began to describe the physics behind momentum. “Momentum is mass and velocity,” he explained. “But for tonight we will think of it as strength of character and direction.” The metaphor was fitting for Mission Possible’s... Read More

Opportunity Is Possible

By Rev. Brian Postlewait, CEO, Mission Possible The stereotypical panhandling encounter on the street goes like this:  Man stands on the street looking downcast and gritty. He carries a sign saying, “Hungry and homeless.  Spare change?”  Man with three-piece suit walks by. With barely a glance he mutters, not so... Read More

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MP Studioworks: Moving Forward

by Jenny Hawkinson I walk in to the studio on a Tuesday morning, it is 9:30 am; half an hour earlier than my normal arrival. Ray is thumping clay around in the pottery studio so I go say ‘hi’. “Jen, there’s a few pots with your name on them, are you going to paint soon?” We banter for a bit and then I head... Read More

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MP StudioWorks: From Dream To Reality

By Shelimar Lakowski ~ MP StudioWorks Potter in Residence Dream: Mission Possible CEO Brian Postlewait, dreams of an art studio in the DTES for the residents and members of Mission Possible.  Not knowing what shape it will take he began conversations with Ray Norgren who was on the board of JustWork at Grandview... Read More

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“In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts”

By Aidan Sullivan I have actively engaged many of the community members of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) in Vancouver who receive meals or hang out at the Mission Possible Community Center. While serving lunch, eating with fellow co-op members (a program designed to promote community member volunteering with MP,... Read More

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WoRC – A Guided Step in the Right Direct

By Aidan Sullivan  It requires strength and initiative for someone, who has never been part of the workforce or is years removed, to jump into the competitive and demanding labour market. This is especially difficult if one has a significant barrier to employment and lacks the marketable skills and confidence that... Read More

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"It Felt Like We Made It!" by Jenny Hawk

On Mother's Day weekend MP StudioWorks hosted a 3-day art even to unite artists, sell artwork and celebrate motherhood. When MP StudioWorks was still in the incubation process, a little over a year ago, discussion centered around how to make a space that nurtured creative community and collaboration. When we... Read More

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"Easter Reflections"

"Easter Reflections" from Jenny - MP Community and StudioWorks. Hello friends!I hope this lent season and the coming of Easter has been meaningful for you. Holidays like Christmas and Easter have gained a whole new level of intensity for me since living in the DTES. It just feels so real, Jesus coming as light and... Read More