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Help Provide Pre-Employment Training

Easter Weekend You can help make it an extra special Easter for members of the Mission Possible community by making a donation to Mission Possible today! Your gift helps to provide a Mission Possible community member who is challenged by homelessness and poverty with purpose, training, support and the opportunity... Read More

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Community Table: Tastes of BC

Back by popular demand...last year's event was a huge success and enjoyed by all...  Community Table: Tastes of BC Fundraising Dinner "Good food tastes even better when it's enjoyed among friends and community." Tastes of BC Delta Vancouver Suites has partnered with Poplar Grove Winery and designed a “Tastes of... Read More

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Artist: Mitch VanBoeyen

Mission Possible StudioWorks featured artist for the month of March is Mitch VanBoeyen.* Mitch has been studying and making art for the past eight years., as a self taught artist. His preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. In his own words, "I hope you enjoy the art and many thanks for your support."  If you... Read More

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Doug's Story

If you are at all familiar with Mission Possible, you have probably met Doug. We recently gave Doug the distinction of being Mission Possible's "Everything Man." Doug does practically everything: he cooks, organizes, makes deliveries, fixes our vehicles and is an outstanding spokesperson for the organization. But... Read More

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By Richard Rohr "Franciscan John Duns Scotus (1266-1308) said that when the one, and the true, and the good are operating in harmony, that is beauty! Beauty is the harmony between unity, truth, and goodness. When you can see all three, or even one, you will always be expanded and delighted. Whenever naked Being,... Read More

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Patricia's Story

Patricia has been living on Vancouver's Downtown Eastside for several years. When she first arrived she was homeless for a period of time and badly in need of professional medical attention to help address her health issues. Eventually, Patricia found the help she needed and is now living in a more stable living... Read More

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Love is Possible - Just Ask Bibi

Valentine's Day typically brings to mind images of roses, chocolates and romantic rendezvous. However, beyond the sentimentality of February 14, most of us know that love requires work. It is a challenging endeavor that is worthy of a long journey and great sacrifice. The best that love has to offer is... Read More

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St. Valentine, The Real Story

According to Wikipedia not much is known about St. Valentine. His life and martyrdom are not recorded in some of the Catholic Church's earliest records. Two of the most popular legends regarding St. Valentine are (Source - Wikipedia) : "The Legenda Aurea of Jacobus de Voragine, compiled about 1260 and one of the... Read More

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Love is Possible

By Rod Janz Valentine's Day With Valentine’s Day in the month of February our thoughts turn to romantic love and all of the wonderful things that go with this special day like flowers, chocolates and cupid’s arrows. This year Mission Possible is endeavoring to put a slight twist on the normal Valentine’s Day theme... Read More

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My Mission Made Possible

Shiraya, the producer of this video, just graduated from the Mission Possible WoRC Program. We're happy to report that Shiraya immediately moved on from Mission Possible to more permanent employment! During her last week or so on the on the job, Shiraya video taped her activities and then spent untold hours... Read More