WoRC – A Guided Step in the Right Direct

WoRC – A Guided Step in the Right Direct

By Aidan Sullivan 

It requires strength and initiative for someone, who has never been part of the workforce or is years removed, to jump into the competitive and demanding labour market. This is especially difficult if one has a significant barrier to employment and lacks the marketable skills and confidence that employers are looking for. These limitations are not permanent, however, and by completing our Work Readiness Course (WoRC), individuals are making steps to break down their barriers.   

Mission Possible believes that all individuals have the capacity and ability to do meaningful work. Some may lack experience and training, but when supported and given the right opportunity, all can overcome their challenges. Our WoRC program equips individuals with the knowledge that is crucial for employability. Hard skills like resume building, interviewing, and job searching, in addition to soft skills like etiquette, professional dress, and appropriate topics of conversation are emphasized. This combination sets our graduates up to be leading candidates in their job searches.

One young adult, who is a recent graduate of our pilot WoRC series, is applying the information from our workshops and now excellently representing Mission Possible as a Maintenance Associate. The confidence she has gained from completing work with her hands fuels her success.  

The effect of renewed confidence extends far beyond employability. It is reflected in how we carry ourselves, interact with others and overcome hardships. By developing skills and creating confidence, WoRC helps individuals become successful employees and healthy individuals. 

 Meet Aidan: 

Aidan Sullivan is a Development Intern at Mission Possible. He is originally from Maryland and is attending the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA, where he is studying Business Administration. Aidan’s time with Mission Possible has been focused on the planning and development of the Work Readiness Course.