Too Dangerous To Stay

Too Dangerous To Stay

Between 1979 and 1992 there was a deadly civil war in El Salvador and over 75,000 people were killed. At the time, a current Mission Possible Associate named Jaime was 17 and lived in that country. In 1984 he had to quickly leave El Salvador because it became too dangerous for him to stay. Jaime’s two brothers were killed, along with several friends and family members. Jaime’s parents were scared for the rest of the boys in the family (he has 7 brothers and three sisters). After his brothers were killed his parents decided to do whatever they could to get Jaime and his remaining brothers out of the country. 

Jaime told us he really didn't want to leave his parents and sisters behind at such a young age. At the same time, he feels very fortunate to live in Canada where he now has family including two teenage boys.

Recently, Jaime needed to take some time to work on his own emotional and mental health. He has struggled with alcoholism throughout his life. He has had long periods of sobriety, but had a relapse two years ago and entered the recovery program at UGM which is where he heard about Mission Possible.  

To be sober is the most important thing to him right now. He feels that the part-time work that he is currently able to do at Mission Possible is perfect for him, and hopes to do more in the future as his recovery progresses.  

Two months ago Jaime was named the Mission Possible employee of the month. He says he is pleased to be working here and loves what MP does in the community; “keeping it clean, picking up needles, and helping people overcome poverty by providing jobs.” He's thankful to Mission possible for the opportunity to work, and for “the trust we have put in him.”  

As far as the future goes, he doesn't want to think too far ahead as he takes it “one day at a time.”