MP Studioworks: Moving Forward

MP Studioworks: Moving Forward

by Jenny Hawkinson

I walk in to the studio on a Tuesday morning, it is 9:30 am; half an hour earlier than my normal arrival. Ray is thumping clay around in the pottery studio so I go say ‘hi’. “Jen, there’s a few pots with your name on them, are you going to paint soon?” We banter for a bit and then I head upstairs.

We have a workshop today. The artists expressed a desire for some professional development opportunities. A primary ethos at Mission Possible is that we provide programming if our members express an interest. People are more invested when they are included in the process.

Anyway, I’m setting up chairs and cleaning. I’m trying not to get nervous because no one has shown up yet and the workshop starts in twenty minutes. Adrenaline is kicking in.  About five before ten, people come streaming through the door. There is an excitement in the air, we gather around the table in eager expectation.

For the next two hours, Bernadine Fox; a professional artist who is well known for her exhibitions and workshops, captivates a room of 15 StudioWorks members; sharing her trade secrets about pricing artwork and how to value ourselves as artists among other things.

My heart is full as I gaze around the room at attentive faces. This is a group of people who are serious about making art. The great thing about intentional artist community is that we can challenge each other to seek excellence in what we do; which leads me to my next point.

This fall Mission Possible will launch a website for art and pottery sales, making products accessible for the public and encouraging personal entrepreneurship. Another plan in the works is providing exhibition space in the Hastings office for artists to be featured monthly. Finally, in mid November five art collective members will be participating in the Eastside Culture Crawl. The crawl is a three day visual arts festival open to the public. Last year we estimated 500 guests who came through. We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your interest and support in MP StudioWorks. We are excited to move forward in this together.