A letter from Brian Postlewait...

A letter from Brian Postlewait...

Dear Friends,

Over the years I have shared with you many stories of hope and change-small miracles that we experience at Mission Possible. Stories of people like Sandra, Don, Cecily, Geoff, George and dozen's more, whose lives have been transformed in a crucible of opportunity and love. Today I share my final story with you.

After nine years as Executive Director of Mission Possible I am preparing for a new adventure. Last spring I shared with the Mission Possible Board of Directors my desire to relocate closer to our family in the United States. After 12 months of succession planning, and a thorough search for a new Executive Director, this summer I will be stepping away and leaving Mission Possible in very capable hands.

As you know these kinds of changes are not always easy, but they also birth new opportunities leading to seasons of innovation and renewal. I'm quite excited to let you know that after a nationwide search our board has wisely appointed Matthew Smedley, our current Deputy Director, as the Executive Director of Mission Possible. If you don't know Matt personally, you will soon come to appreciate his passion, integrity and giftedness for this work.

When I moved to Vancouver in 2007 my son William was 18 months old-my daughter only four years of age. Our new Canadian family welcomed us warmly as did the Pacific Northwest rainy season. I was younger, thinner, and a bit unsure what I had gotten myself into. Nine years later I'm so blessed to know the compassionate community that puts the "Possible," into our Mission. I am honored to have led an amazing, creative and diverse team who taught me every day how to love this neighborhood. I am grateful for a board of directors who had the courage to dream and trusted us to deliver on that dream. I am so thankful for all of you-my friends, who continue to believe in this work and support Mission Possible with your time, talent and treasure.

I hope to see you at the upcoming open house (CLICK HERE for more information), which is a chance for me to say thanks, goodbye as well as introduce you to Matt. Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. It's hard for me to let go of Mission Possible, but I do so with great confidence-knowing it's in your good hands.

Kindest regards,

Brian Postlewait

Executive Director Mission Possible