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The Right Opportunity Can Save Your Life

As we begin another year at Mission Possible, I want to thank you for your partnership with us!  Your support is impacting lives in profound ways. Those challenged by poverty here in the Downtown Eastside are being empowered through opportunities for meaningful work. But it is my hope that, through your... Read More

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Empowering Change: Jen Langerud

A little over three years ago, Mission Possible was chosen by Essential Impact as the nonprofit recipient of its excellent training program, with the goal of implementing a coaching culture within the organization. At the time, it was unknown how this implementation would take place. Fortunately, Mission Possible... Read More

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Violet's Story - Keeping the Faith!

Like many living in the Downtown Eastside, Violet wanted to work, but could not see a way to do so. She was suffering from painful arthritis and relying on social assistance to make ends meet. Violet saw a way forward when she heard about Mission Possible and began working on the Clean Team. Eventually, she... Read More

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Mike Makes A Difference!

At one point, Mike would have described his life as pretty normal as he raised a family and worked in real estate. But after a divorce, business deal going wrong and tax department coming after him, he found himself out of hope and on the streets addicted to heroin. He came to Mission Possible after completing a... Read More

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Congratulations from MP Jenny Kwan

Our local Member of Parliament for Vancouver East couldn't make it to our Gala, but she was kind enough to send us a letter congratulating us for being in operation for 25 years. Here's the content of the letter. To see the letter on her letterhead, please see the attached pdf. - - - - - - - - November 29, 2017 To... Read More


One week left to order your Holiday Turkey To-Go!

From Railtown Catering... One week left to order your Holiday Turkey-To-Go!   Partial proceeds go to Mission Possible.   There's just one week left to order your Holiday Turkey-To-Go package! Available in both ready-to-eat (hot) and ready-to-bake (cold, fully cooked) formats, our popular festive... Read More

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Video - I Make A Difference with Chris Reed

"I make a difference. I couldn't have said that before going to MP. But I do make a difference." ~ Chris Reed, MP Associate. See video below. After five weeks in the hospital because of alcoholism, Chris was unsure of where to turn but remembered Mission Possible as a place that “takes people as they are” and... Read More

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Give the Gift of Opportunity this Christmas

A message from Mission Possible's Executive Director, Matthew Smedley... Hello Friends, This year at Mission Possible we have been celebrating 25 years of impact in the DowntownEastside. And we have been celebrating in style! We hosted a 1920s-themed gala—which many ofyou attended (you looked fabulous, by the... Read More

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2017 Mission Possible Gala - THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU to all of the Mission Possible Gala partners, attendees, suppliers, and volunteers.  Together we raised over $176,000!  The funds will help Mission Possible continue to grow and offer opportunities for meaningful work to people who are challenged by homelessness and poverty. Special thanks to all of... Read More

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Impact Partner: Sarah Swanson and DP World

Sarah Swanson is a Purchasing Manager at DP World, one of Vancouver’s largest container companies. DP World is also one of Mission Possible’s most dedicated and generous supporters and, as a DP World employee, Sarah perfectly exemplifies that dedication and generosity. Sarah’s involvement with Mission Possible... Read More